Film/TV Production

A film should be made of the fight to save this farm against the sprawling grasp of corporate control and political betrayal at the highest levels, including the race for the White House. This highly publicized, provocative campaign was the essence of two books: Betrayal and If You Elect Me President. This story provides the basis of a powerful narrative film, pitting zealous citizen group leaders facing improbable odds against corporate and political ambition with a significant slice of Americana hanging in the balance. A story that should be told! Interested parties should contact the Friends of Prowse Farm.

Scenic, historic Prowse Farm, nestled at the base of Great Blue Hill, after which Massachusetts derives its name, offers a picturesque setting for a narrative film, documentary, or television advertisement. The farm spans 44 acres with open meadow, a 5/8th mile stonedust track with hub rail, a replica of the judges reviewing stand at the finish line that was originally constructed by J. Malcolm Forbes in 1890, and a museum within the farm mansion, depicting the revolutionary, equestrian, and citizen activism history of the farm.