Colonial Era Re-enactments

Colonial Era ReenactmentThe Friends Of Prowse Farm are interested in hosting a revolutionary period re-enactment at the farm. On August 16, 1774 the brave colonists convened at Doty Tavern, located within the original boundaries of Prowse Farm, and drafted the Suffolk Resolves, which contained in essence a declaration of war against Great Britain. The tavern was hidden from view by Great Blue Hill from the ever watchful British troops surrounding Boston. There at the base of the hill the document was drafted, soon after to be signed in Milton and carried on horseback by Paul Revere to the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia. John Adams declared upon receipt of the Suffolk Resolves that “the colonies will stand by Massachusetts or perish with her.” The seeds of the revolution had been planted.

Those involved with such re-enactments should contact the Friends Of Prowse Farm.