Prowse Farm

Education Center and Event Rentals

Horse and Carriage Logo for Prowse Farm

The non-profit Friends of Prowse Farm in collaboration with the present owner Meditech, Inc. have preserved the pastoral, historic Prowse Farm in Canton, MA. The mansion has been converted to a museum highlighting the importance of the property at various points in history. The 44 acres under conservation easement and mansion are also available for indoor and outdoor events including community groups, party and wedding rentals, corporate functions, recreational and educational programs, and fundraising events. Prowse Farm is perfectly suited for equestrian events thanks to its 5/8-mile oval track and would be ideal for colonial era re-enactments as well as film and TV production.

The Friends of Prowse Farm / Fair Environment Corp. is a 501(c)3 tax exempt, non-profit organization celebrating their 38th year in 2013. Fundraising events on the Farm by various charitable organizations have raised over $23 million.